Floor Protective

Despite even the best efforts, the reality is that factory and warehouse floors collect debris, often as a byproduct of manufacturing. Whether it is sawdust from the lumber industry or metal shavings from a tool and die shop, there is a chance that casters may have to roll over small obstacles. Our Floor Protective caster wheels are designed to reject debris. These wheels will not hold onto metal shavings or other objects, reducing the risk of dragging and scraping debris across the floor. Many of these wheels are also non-marking, and will not leave scuffs or skid marks. Our floor protective wheels behave will lead to less floor repair or cleaning time due to caster mishap.

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Filters Explained

Caster Type This is the most basic classification of casters. Do you want a caster that can Swivel, easily able to rotate to change direction; or do you want a caster that is Rigid, only capable of moving in a straight line?
Wheel Diameter
Wheel Diameter
Wheel Diameter is the measurement of the distance across the central-most point of the wheel. This is one of the most commonly used measurements for casters.
Tread Width
Wheel Diameter
Tread Width is the measurement of how wide the caster tread is. You can find this measurement looking at the rolling surface of the wheel. This is another commonly used caster measurement.
Brake Do you require integrated capability to be able to prevent caster movement? Brakes are ideal for loading/unloading on uneven surfaces. Choose Yes to view only casters which are automatically paired with a brake.
Features Here, pick among caster elements which may enhance performance (floor protective, thread guards) or reflect their manufacturing process (USA-Made, Stainless). Different caster needs may require various features. Browse these offerings as needed.
Fastening Type How the caster attaches to the product. For replacement casters, you will want to match the fastening type to your existing project. Learn more about fastening types in our glossary.
Fastening Size These common measurements indicate the available sizes of the chosen fastening option. Filter Fastening Type to reduce available Fastening Size options.
Wheel Type This indicates common wheel tread materials. Learn more benefits of each wheel type and find additional industry names for each in our glossary.
Capacity Capacity indicates the approved load rating per caster in pounds. It is recommended that you build a safety buffer when picking load rating. Ensuring your casters can hold more than the intended load will prevent unnecessary failure.
Finish Available caster finishes. Select from options including (not limited to): Stainless Steel, Chrome, Zinc and various decorative finishes.
Price Available price range per casters. This reflects the single unit price. Casters may have discounted pricing at large quantities. Please see individual caster product pages for details.
Applications A list of common caster applications. Some casters may be specifically designed for an application or may be commonly used within one. You may also consider starting here to shop by specific applications.
Floor Protective